Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome to the World of Trillion Dollar Market. Part 1

Hello folks!, I am here once again introducing the trillion dollar market, which is the forex (foreign exchange) market. Okay, first of all let's have a brief review if what is a forex market. Some of you may think at first that forex is all about exchanging foreign bills in the forex dealer to convert it into Philippine Peso (PHP code in forex) when their parents or brother/sister send them money abroad like the US Dollar if coming from the USA, Dinar from Saudi Araibia and so on. Yeah, in fact that is not farther from what is this forex market is about. Anything that deals with money and exchanging it into another currency is what forex market is dealing with, whether through a physical money, online, or trading. Ok, trading?? That is gambling! Ok, some of you might think in that way but, if you know the real essence of trading in forex market then you can differentiate gambling with trading.

I wrote this article, because for sure only few or others have no time or let's say motivation in this type of activity in their everyday lives. I want to share with you first about myself if how did I start learning and investing (not only money, but it could be time and priority) in this forex market. It was started in the office actually. It was our breaktime that time and I was thingking of ways if how could I spend my breaktime productively, but before that, there was this google adds keep flashing unto my screen that tells about showing forex market with very enticing designs and banners for about several weeks already. In fact, when I first saw it, I kept ignoring it not until at that moment that caught my attention and got me interested in clicking and knowing it. Then, after the first screen of the adds popped out, it was then that opened my eyes in the World of Trillion Dollar Market.

Forex Market, in fact, is only one of the markets being traded in the whole world together with Futures, Stocks or Equities, Indexes, etc. Forex Market or Forex can be accessed by spot or Futures. Access  here means is how this Forex values is being shared to traders around the world. In spot, data are being fed by brokers coming from different banks or liquidity providers. While in Futures, the data are given by the exchange like CME, ICE, etc. Unlike spot market, Futures is well regulated and trading is managed by only one regulators or provider such as the CME or ICE, etc. Trading in spot or Futures market have variety of advantages and disadvantages that will not be covered by this topic.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tracking Bloom of PSE

Bloom demand are getting stronger for investors as value is getting higher. For almost two weeks of bracketing market, it appears that other time frame buyers dealt with the day traders sell orders and we've seen a series of rallies upward for BLOOM as seen last week. This week, BLOOM seems to be posing for a long liquidation. Best pivot points for me are around 14.00 level for long and I will expect a jump up to 35.00 level before finding some agressive sellers.



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

HPQ Back On Track

Since the inception of a former SAP CEO - Leo Apotheker who replaced Mark Hurd in 2010, HPQ starts its massive decline added by the popularity of IOS and MAC pcs which is also the beginning of Hewlett-Packard's losing its grip for being the top PC producer since the PC boom.

If we will notice the chart above, since Mark Herd started as CEO from 2005, we see an upward trend of HPQ. This coincides with the boom of PC business. HPQ was enjoying its high dividend payout and being attractive to investors not until the beginning of IOS/MAC pc era  and the immediate resignation of Mark Hurd where he was replaced by Leo Aptheker in August of 2010. The short span of time spent by Mr. Apotheker was not impressive to the board of Hewlett-Packard and he was also immediately replaced by Meg Whitman a former Ebay CEO. Her inception as CEO was not also attractive to the investors as HPQ continued its downtrend or sell-off before 2012 ended. 

For fundamental analysts, they don't see any solid news or updates from HPQ based on its very low revenues even the result of its last quarter update, but for some technical analysts who believe in the nature of supply and demand, they view HPQ to regain since its retest of the former 2002 low as seen on the chart above. As also a big fan of this idea, I can see a very big potential for HPQ to regain its upward momentum as this appears very cheap for some long term investors. The monthly chart of HPQ below shows a not so good supply level for me to hold HPQ and we will expect HPQ to reach its highest peak again since MArk Hurd reigns as CEO. Meg Whitman made also some promising remarks about regaining back HPQs brand as a number 1 PC producer.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

APPLE Technical Analysis

Apple or AAPL after enjoying its rally since the recovery of recession from 2008-2009, it has done tremendous rally and good earnings from the release of their ipod and notebook products. Since then, we are seeing the biggest corrective move so far for AAPL considering our demand levels are intact. AAPL peaked from September 2012 and rallied downwards. This sell-off may caused by profit taking and as September months may also the month were investors starting to use lots of cash. 

Well, regardless of the fundamentals and news that may support the price movement of AAPL, I have spotted my own short term and long term supply and demand levels that can be used to capitalize this market. Below is the chart of AAPL showing the demand and supply.

4hour time frame supply

Weekly demand for aapl

That first demand level would be the first level that I am going to watch for as it is the first significant larger time frame level that may trigger again another long term uptrend for AAPL.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Bollinger Band Trades

Hello, It has been so while that I wrote my last topic about trqading bollinger band. This time, I am going to show you my live trading with EURUSD using bollinger band and demand level. I have spotted a very nice demand level during the New York open and took my buy entry just before the price has fallen nicely and pierced the lower band.

The odds are in my favor to take the level as a good buy entry because of a very strong upward move, the level formed during a volatile hours, price spent only an hour, a correlation to a USD supply and piercing of bollinger band. My lose to win ratio for that trade was 1:3. So far, that is how simple bollinger band can be used in your trading. Stop complicate things to avoud confusions and erratic loss of your account.

Until next time, happy trading!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

USD Index Forecast

Alright, I will be giving again the updates on the USD Index or DXY for futures symbol. The index has just bounced from a daily supply (S1) and demand (D1) level as seen on the chart but, it looks like there are more sellers than buyers this time. The price was not able to retest the S1 level as sellers emerged at around 80.60.

Yesterday, after some economic data from FED and FOMC, investors are not happy with the result and the price of the index lost for about 30 pips as also seen on other USD pairs. Right now, we will be expecting further selling of USD across the board. We will be watching closely the supply level (S2) on the chart.

And I want to add the TY or ten year note as it is now on its daily demand level. So be careful, in case the demand in TY holds, expect a surge up for USD.

Please don't forget to follow us for other Index and forex updates.

Good Day!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

PNB Sell-off Next Year

Two days of big advance for PNB has made the buyers happy at least in this coming Holidays. It climbed for about 12 php sinces Tuesday. The daily chart shows a compound buying pressure indicated by the blue areas.

My projection next year, PNB may trade on a downtrend once the weekly resistance holds. Traders may take profit in this case. Blue areas indicate buying and selling pressure on a weekly time frame.

Happy trading!